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Getting Pelvic Floor Technique Right

Every women should know that pelvic floor muscles need to be in tonus, be strong and flexible.

Santelle® Fitness programs include different exercises for developing pelvic floor muscles. Each exercise consists of squeezing and then relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. This is the most important to do the pelvic floor muscle exercises correctly.

How to do pelvic floor exercise correctly?

  • Visualise your pelvic floor muscles wrapping around your 3 pelvic openings.
  • Gently squeeze and lift these muscles in and around your pelvic openings.
  • Breathe in and keep squeezing and lifting for a few seconds.
  • Relax your pelvic floor muscles back to resting position.
  • Take a deep breath and relax your pelvic floor muscles.

Try tightening your muscles really gently to feel just the pelvic floor muscles lifting and squeezing in. If you cannot feel your muscles contracting, change your position and try again. For example, if you cannot feel your muscles contracting in a seated position, try lying down or standing up instead.

After a contraction it is important to relax the muscles. This will allow your muscles to recover from the previous contraction and prepare for the next contraction.

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Avoid some of the common mistakes.

During the exercices you have to avoid some of the common mistakes with pelvic floor exercises such as pushing down on the pelvic floor, drawing in your abdominal muscles strongly, squeezing your buttocks or holding your breath during your exercises.


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