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Why Develop Pelvic Floor Muscles?

To feel yourself in good shape, sensual  and healthy women of all ages need to have strong and flexible pelvic floor muscles.

After the birth of your baby, you should begin pelvic floor muscle training as soon as you can. Always try to “brace” your pelvic floor muscles (squeeze up and hold) each time before you cough, sneeze or lift the baby. This is called having “the knack”. As women grow older, the pelvic floor muscles need to stay strong because hormone changes after menopause can affect bladder control. As well as this, the pelvic floor muscles change and may get weak. A pelvic floor muscle training plan can help to lessen the effects of menopause on pelvic support and bladder control.

Pelvic floor muscle training may also help women who have the urgent need to pass urine more often (called urge incontinence).

Pelvic floor muscles are responsible for:

1. The pleasurable muscle contractions felt in the genitals during orgasm. Orgasms feel bigger and stronger when the pelvic floor muscles are strong and flexible.

2. Comfortable vaginal penetration. Flexibility of the pelvic floor muscles is important for comfortable penetration.

3. Keeping urine inside the bladder at moments of unexpected belly pressure (laughing, coughing, lifting, sneezing, jumping).

4. Keeping stool inside the rectum until you consciously relax your pelvic floor to allow it to pass.

Benefits of pelvic floor workouts.

Santelle® Fitness programs include the exercises for developing pelvic floor muscles to help you:

  • Make your sexual life more exciting, increased sexual sensation and orgasmic potential
  • Become more sensual and sexy
  • Eliminate menstrual pain
  • Better live your menopause
  • Reducing the risk of prolapse ('sagging' of internal organs)
  • Better recovery from childbirth and surgery
  • Improve your bladder & bowel control
  • Increase social confidence and quality of life

There are lots of ways pelvic floor muscle exercises can improve your life –  increased sexual satisfaction, confidence performing daily activities without leaking. With all these benefits, the question really should be, why aren’t you exercising your pelvic floor?

Start Santelle® video programs to exercise your pelvic floor now!


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