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About us

We offer videos based on fitness training for women, which includes feminine yoga, dancing, Pilates and Santelle® Fitness. This effective and exciting set of exercises will work your entire body, burn fat, tone muscle, improve your woman’s health, and help to become sexier, fit, and more confident.   You can practice them at home, outdoors, where you want and according to time you have. The programs of different intensities are adapted for all ages. Your monthly subscription (no commitment), gives you unlimited access to all our videos including Prime Videos.

Santelle® is a new fitness method to improve women's health, sensuality and natural rejuvenation. 

Feature of Santelle® fitness is integrated programs to strengthen and stretch the pelvic floor muscles and whole body muscles: hips, back, arms, abdomen, buttocks.

Santelle® method is created by experts based on the 4 disciplines: feminine yoga, dance, Kegel exercises and Pilates. Santelle® fitness has been developed in collaboration with leading international specialists in the fields of health, sports, nutrition, gynecology and psychology.

Santelle® video classes are interesting and efficient because they include the variety of beautiful exercises for increasing sensuality, femininity, flexibility, balance, tone, posture and graceful movements.

Principle of Santelle® method is to develop a feminine sexy body with the simultaneous and complex movements of the pelvic floor muscles and the muscles of the body. Santelle® is a practice also focused on the mind and physical control with special breathing. A high result is achieved by improving the interaction of body, mind and senses. That’s why Santelle® programs include the exercises and meditations. They help the mind and body work together effectively and increase sensuality. Through this practice, which goes far beyond  simple gymnastics, you will combine  physical exercise with  deep and simultaneous breathing. It helps you to discover a new sensitivity of the body that enables you to control it better. With our video workouts you will boost your vital energy, improve your wellbeing and rejuvenation, awaken your sensuality and libido.

Benefits of complex movements:

  • You coordinate the action of several muscles together and in succession, so you stimulate your nervous system. You become more efficient and gain strength. You improve your muscles, joints and become more flexible.
  • By working several muscles at the same time you save a lot of time.
  • You use more muscle so you spend more energy. It helps to you burn more calories and become fit faster.

Santelle® programs are for women who want to awaken their feminine nature. Different intensity exercises are adapted to all ages. This method helps women to improve their health of internal genital organs and reproductive system, to develop the femininity and sensuality, to increase libido and desire, to preserve fertility. Due to Santelle® workouts, the body is detoxified and rejuvenated, immune and hormonal systems are in good balance. Regular exercises help to lose weight, build a sexy body, improve mood, prosper in relationships and love.


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