Marina Bublik 

Marina has  positive energy, sensuality and femininity, which  she would like to share. She is a fitness coach, a specialist in biophysics, marketing and communication. Marina is passionate about cooking, traveling, fashion and practical psychology. She writes with her sister Olga Bublik the series of cookbooks for romantic dinners, as Aphrodisiac Cuisine, Romantic menus from 15 chefs around the world, Detox Cuisine, composed of vitalising and well-balanced recipes for good health, fulfilling sensuality. Marina loves life and believes that happiness is a good balance between love, health and work.

«Santelle® is the most motivating and effective way to feel yourself younger, beautiful, sensual and elegant. It makes women more attractive, delightful and happy.» Marina Bublik


Olga Bublik 

Olga is a specialist who can motivate and help you to be fit, sexy, rejuvenate and prosper in your life. She is a fitness coach and a specialist in biophysics. She has a creative mind, experience in the event and advertising industries. Olga is passionate about new technologies, cuisine, photo, dance, tennis, the arts and fashion. She is a charming, dynamic and elegant woman. She writes with her sister Marina Bublik the series of cookbooks for romantic dinners, as Aphrodisiac Cuisine, Romantic menus from 15 chefs around the world, Detox Cuisine, composed of vitalising and well-balanced recipes for good health, fulfilling sensuality.

«To be elegant, you should try to be in shape, to have delicate attitudes, to be cultivated and sensual. Santelle® makes it possible to have sexy body and move with charm, simplicity and elegance.» Olga Bublik


Helena Bondareva

Helena has such an endearing personality that other people always feel fond of her.   She leads them to the "Joy of Life".  She is a caring coach who encourages, makes you want to go further, and allows  a group to welcome and express the feelings and emotions aroused by the collective experiences (concert, cultural event, sports event). She is also an adorable and talented woman. Hélène is an actress and a host of cultural events. She began her career on television. She studied at the Conservatory and the Institute of Music. She enjoys playing the piano, singing and dancing. She is particularly happy to inspire people, to give them pleasure, hope and courage.

«Santelle® - it's more than fitness. This method also helps to awaken your sensuality. I think that sensuality is essential to stay attractive and charming.» Helena Bondareva


Alexandra Racovets

Alexandra is a dance teacher and professional dancer and encourages you to become more attractive and graceful. She presents the alternative Santelle® fitness programs that combine dance and fitness to sculpt her figure and enhance her sensuality. She is a woman full of energy, courageous and charming. On a professional level, she is a glamorous, athletic, sensual and sexy dance choreographer, and has received a dozen awards at the High Heels and Go-Go dance festivals. "Succeed and flourish is the basis of happiness! She says. Innovative at heart, she shows herself without artifice in a dance full of multiple details, new forms and rhythms

«Have fun while sculpting your body to make it sexy, flexible and toned. You will find the ease of your movements, a beautiful posture and a seductive approach thanks to Santelle.»  Alexandra Racovets


Maria Stepanova

Maria is a certified fitness and pilates coach, former master of sports acrobatics. She is active and positive, she can inspire you and motivate you to play sports. Since childhood, she has been practicing gymnastics, acrobatics and dance. Maria enjoys different disciplines such as fitness, pilates, aerobic steps and dance. His experience helps create new fun and effective exercises. On our website, Maria presents a series of Santelle® Pilates training to strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen. Thanks to its programs, you can easily strengthen all the muscles of the body and the muscles of the pelvic floor. Maria encourages you to be open to new opportunities. She thinks that your fulfillment and success depend mainly on your efforts.

«Santelle® programs of different intensities are suitable for all ages. They are especially important for young mothers. Exercise regularly and you can recover, make your figure graceful and sexy.» Maria Stepanova


Zina Oueslati

Zina is a charismatic person with a dynamic lifestyle.  She studied fashion & beauty in Italy, completed yoga teacher training in India, and now permanently based in Dubai where she is teaching yoga and meditation. Led by her interest in holistic health Zina has started her wellness coach studies in New York's Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is passionate about health and beauty, secrets of healthy aging, and  human ability of self-regulation. Zina happily shares her knowledge with women through individual sessions and group masterclasses helping them to live a balanced and healthy life.

«My program of Women's Yoga developed especially for Santelle®  is a fusion of yoga, intimate Dao breathing and sensual dance moves. Regular practice of women's yoga will harmonize your energy, awaken your sexuality, and boost your creativity. Period pain will disappear, you will learn how to appreciate and enjoy your body.» Zina Oueslati



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