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Why choose Santelle® ?

UNIQUE WORKOUT. Santelle® fitness includes unique exercises programs to strengthen and stretch the pelvic floor muscles and whole body muscles: hips, back, arms, abdomen, buttocks, that help to feel younger, beautiful and sexy.

GOOD HEALTH. It improves women’s health, preserves fertility, supports reproductive system; strengthens nervous, immune and hormonal system; prevents from women's diseases, maintains regular painless periods; improves the function of internal organs and digestive system; revitalizes the back and joints.

BEAUTY and REJUVENATION. Santelle® helps to be fit,  lose weight,  shape a sexy body; tone and stretch the body, tighten buttocks, flatten the stomach; improves posture, gait, balance and coordination, holds with grace and confidence. Santelle® boosts vital energy, sensuality and makes you more attractive and sexy.

PLEASURE. Through the stimulation of the sense organs you will feel delighted and inspired; experience pleasure; develop sensitivity of erogenous zones. Santelle® improves mood and increases the hormones of happiness by using proper combination of good music,  physical exercises and relaxation.

EFFICIENCY. Santelle® method is created by experts based on the most effective yoga exercises, dances, Kegel exercises and Pilates. A high result is achieved by improving the interaction of body, mind and senses. Santelle® video classes are interesting and efficient because they include the variety of feminine exercises for increasing flexibility, strength, body balance and sensuality.

EASY PRACTICE. Includes different intensity exercises which every woman at any age can do. Easy and fun practice workouts without exhaustion.

SATISFACTION. Can boost libido, improve sex life and female orgasm.

MODERN. Santelle® is a new program for modern women.

HAPPY CHILDBIRTH. Santelle® helps to maintain health to prepare women for natural and painless childbirth; recover women's health and sexual life after childbirth.

PROLONGING LIFETIME. Santelle® helps to postpone menopause. Relieves and treats physical and emotional symptoms during pre-menopause and menopause. Helps to enjoy sex life at any age.

HARMONIOUS. Increases self-confidence, relieves anxiety and stress. Improves mood, makes happy. Helps to keep the love and strong relationship.


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