• Harmony and happiness

  • Stress recovery

  • Detox and natural rejuvenation

  • Satisfaction and love

  • Body and pelvic floor muscles toned

  • Hormonal balance to postpone menopause

  • The best sensuality and iconic femininity

  • Self development and prosperity

  • Healthy and happy pregnancy


Santelle® is a new fitness method to improve women's health, sensuality and natural rejuvenation.

Feature of Santelle® fitness is integrated development of the pelvic floor muscles with internal organs muscles and the lower body muscles (hips, back, abdomen, buttocks).

Santelle® method is created by experts based on the 4 disciplines: yoga, dance, Kegel exercises and Pilates. Principle of Santelle® method is simultaneous interaction of the pelvic floor muscles and large amplitude body motions. Santelle is a practice focused on the mind and physical control with special breathing. That’s supposed to help the mind and body work together effectively and develop sensuality.

Santelle® classes are interesting and efficient because it include the variety of beautiful exercises to increase flexibility, balance, strength, sensuality, agility, relaxation and the mind body connection.

High result is achieved by improving the interaction of body, mind and senses. That’s why Santelle® programs include the lectures, exercise and meditation.

Santelle® programs are for women after 18 years old. Different intensity exercises are adapted to all ages. This method helps women to improve the health of internal genital organs and reproductive system, to develop the femininity and sensuality, to increase libido and desire, to preserve fertility. Due to Santelle® workouts the body is detoxified and rejuvenated, immune and hormonal system are in good balance. Regular exercises help to lose weight, make a beautiful figure, improve mood, boost energy and increase vitality.


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